Book by

Antoni Rogalski, Zbigniew Bielecki

Book Description

Detection of Optical Signals provides a comprehensive overview of important technologies for photon detection, from the X-ray through ultraviolet, visible, infrared to far-infrared spectral regions. It uniquely combines perspectives from many disciplines, particularly within physics and electronics, which are necessary to have a complete understanding of optical receivers.

This interdisciplinary textbook aims to:

  • Guide readers into more detailed and technical treatments of readout optical signals
  • Give a broad overview of optical signal detection including terahertz region and two-dimensional material
  • Help readers further their studies by offering chapter-end problems and recommended reading.

This is an invaluable resource for graduate students in physics and engineering, as well as a helpful refresher for those already working with aerospace sensors and systems, remote sensing, thermal imaging, military imaging, optical telecommunications, infrared spectroscopy, and light detection.

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