Emerging Materials for Versatile Applications


About the book


Quantum dots: Emerging materials for versatile applications is an introduction to the fundamentals and important advances of research of this important category of semiconductor nanostructured materials. After a brief review of relevant nanotechnology concepts and the unique properties of nanomaterials, the book describes the fundamentals of quantum dots with definitions of the primary classifications of quantum dots. There is an emphasis on practical considerations of the commercial translation of quantum dots such as their toxicity, stability, and disposal. Moreover, the book focuses on a review of the advances in research in emerging quantum dot materials along with the latest innovations in materials design and fabrication methods.     Quantum Dots is suitable for materials scientists and engineers in academia or industry R&D who are looking for an introduction to this research topic or a key reference on the latest advances and applications.


Edited by
N. Thejo Kalyani
Sanjay J. Dhoble
Marta Michalska-Domańska
B. Vengadaesvaran
H. Nagabhushana
Abdul Kariem Arof

Spis treści – https://ioe.wat.edu.pl/wp-content/uploads/2023/01/2023_Quantum-Dots_Emerging-materials-for-versatile-applications_okladka.pdf

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